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Welcome to The Gallery at Salon Mystique.

Home to a collection of local artwork, we are dedicated to providing artists with a beautiful space to display their handiwork.

If you’re interested in supporting your local artists through a purchase, peruse our collection below — or stop by to see it person!

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Meet our Artists

Denise Elliott Jones

An abstract artist living in Austin, Denise specializes in painting, printmaking, and mixed media. Prior to her career as a full-time artist, Denise taught art to special needs students.

“I’ve been working with a visual vocabulary of shapes that tell a universal story. Painting, printmaking, and mixed media are my primary creative processes. I try not to have any predetermined outcomes but see where the work will take me.”


Kristin Freeman

Kristin is a muralist and painter who focuses on messages of love, female empowerment, and inspiration through her work. 

Nevena Bentz

Nevena Bentz’s work focuses on the complex relationships between people and their surroundings. Her pieces highlight the interconnectedness of all forms of life on the planet. The human and the natural are contrasted, but fuse and reinforce the idea of their oneness. The feminine subjects highlight the nurturing and healing attributes of women and Nature, their resilience and ability for renewal.

Gert Johan Manschot

My art is strongly influenced by a long-term study and teaching of meditation. In spirit, I follow in the tradition of Zen calligraphers and painters who empty their minds to open up to a larger or higher mindless awareness that exceeds the level of ego or self.

Pascale Vial

I have created visual art all my life and my work has been a reflection of my surroundings, ongoing circumstances, memories, emotions and imagination. Most of my artwork includes women because that’s how I’ve experienced life. Encircling movements occur often, a reflection of universal natural currents, the continuous flow of ideas, communication, and time.

Gloria Dimcheva Webster

Searching for beauty….and hopefully finding it.

My art is an expression of that which is not immediately visible, an internal state or feeling, a fleeting moment. Life would be unimaginable without this expression and creative outlet, which has sustained me through my journey.

Cindy Miller Lopez

Cindy Miller Lopez was born in Dallas, Texas where she lived for the majority of her early childhood before moving to Colorado.  Cindy’s contemporary acrylic and mixed media artwork has been displayed and sold at a variety of public venues and galleries in Texas and California. 

Taylor Dueker

Working primarily with acrylics, I develop relationships between forms and colors with a sense of motion, tension, balance, and with the intention of communicating a design logic emanating from the subconscious. Of primary importance in my design are the concepts of line, continuation, juxtaposition, intersection, edge, angularity, texture, and freedom creating a three dimensional perception.

Art is said to be a spiritual endeavor and I agree wholeheartedly.

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