Kendall Keahey

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Kendall Keahey

Kendall Keahey, owner of Sugar Skin Yoga LLC, is a licensed esthetician and registered yoga teacher in Austin, Texas with a passion for helping you achieve smooth, healthy, beautiful skin. Sugaring, skincare, and yoga are Kendall’s three favorites in achieving radiant skin and a happy body!

Sugaring Hair Removal:

  • Brazilian | $60
  • Brazilian Touch-Up (2 weeks) $40
  • Bikini | $40
  • Butt Cheeks | $30
  • Underarms | $20
  • Tummy | $30
  • Full Face | $45
  • Brows | $25
  • Upper Lip | $15
  • Half Arms | $40
  • Full Arms | $55
  • Half Legs | $55
  • Full Legs | $95
  • Back | $40
  • Chest | $25
  • Nipples | $20
  • Nostrils | $20

Sugaring Hair Removal Memberships

Consistency is the key to permanency! To stop hair growth for good, it’s essential to extract hair recurrently while still in the first stage of development. The optimal amount of time between sugaring is two to four weeks, so the Forever Furless membership sets up your sugar treatments to take place monthly or semi-monthly.

Brazilian Sugaring: The hairless basics, Baby! Everything off the front plus crack and under the buttcheeks

  • $45 1X/MONTH
  • $32 2X/MONTH

Hairless Holy Grail: Brazilian and Underarms Sugaring: Our most popular package! Recommended 2x/month

  • $50 1X/MONTH
  • $37 2X/MONTH

Silky Stems: Bye bye stubble, razors, and pant prickles! Treat your legs: healthy hair removal and exfoliation for soft, smooth, silky legs all year

  • $80 1X/MONTH
  • $60 2X/MONTH
  • $50 4X/MONTH

Arms Like and Egyptian: Full arms and Underarms Sugaring

  • $45 1X/MONTH
  • $32 2X/MONTH

Brazilian Sugaring + Silky Stems: Brazilian and Full Legs Sugaring

  • $125 1X/MONTH
  • $92 2X/MONTH

Hairless Holy Grail + Silky Stems: Brazilian, Underarms and Full Legs Sugaring

  • $130 1X/MONTH
  • $97 2X/MONTH

The Sphynx: FULL BODY includes HAP Brazilian, Butt Cheeks, Underarms, Full Legs, Full Arms, Chest, Back, Tummy, and Full Face w/o brows Sugaring. Add Brow Shape +$25

  • $265 1X/MONTH
  • $197 2X/MONTH

Hairless Holy Grail + Brows: Brazilian & Underarms Sugaring, plus Brow Tint & Shape

  • $80 1X/MONTH
  • $60 2X/MONTH

Lashes & Brows

  • Brow Tint and Shape $45
  • Brow Shape $25Brow Tint $20
  • Lash Tint $25
  • Lash Lift and Tint $70
  • Volume//Classic Eyelash Extensions Full Set $150
  • Volume//Classic Eyelash Extensions Fill (2 weeks or less) $60


Include cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, custom mask, and post-facial or post-vajacial care.

  • European Facial $70
  • European Backcial $70
  • American Vagacial $70

Sugar Facial

Uses sugar exfoliation to safely strip away peach fuzz, dead skin cells, and encourage cell turnover to reveal radiant skin $115

  • Sugar Backcial: Includes back hair sugaring $110
  • Sugar Vagacial: Includes Brazilian sugaring $125

Gilda Reyes

Our Talent


Gilda Reyes

Hi Ya’ll,
My name is Gilda, I was born and raised in Austin, Texas! I recently moved to Dripping Springs. I love the Hill Country and this small town vibe….but whenever I get that nudge for the big city lights, I know it’s just skip and hop away.

I am a 2nd generation Cosmetology Instructor, this certification facilitates my passion for educating in an industry I absolutely adore. I have practiced all aspects of the industry. Currently I specialize in eyelash extensions, which allows me to focus on quality, consistency, and a safe damage- free application of extensions specifically tailored to my clients facial features and lifestyle. In 2017 I started my lash career for a local franchise, and soon after became a Master Stylist and Master Trainer for the company, allowing me to practice, educate and keep up with all the latest trends which are constantly evolving in the beauty industry.

I have found that any career you pursue is best traveled with a positive attitude and genuine dedication. It is with this in mind that I have built my lashing career. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to provide the highest level of technical and artistic skill, specializing in a safe and healthy application. I am dedicated to the art of accentuating your natural beauty, and my ultimate goal is to help you achieve your own style of effortless elegance.

~Free Naps with every Lash Service ~


  • Eyelash Extensions (Classic, Hybrid, & Volume)
  • Facial Waxing
  • Lash Lifts
  • Lash Tinting
  • Brow Lamination
  • Brow Tinting