Tatjana Greene

Hello, I’m Tatjana, a licensed Laser Technician. I graduated from Texas Laser & Aesthetics Academy. My specialty is in laser hair removal, but I also have experience in different types of lasers and laser treatments.

My motto is, “Laser and throw away the Razor and no more Waxing and start Relaxing”. Laser is a lot less painful, much cheaper in the long run, and you’ll never have body hair issues again. Why shave or wax for the rest of your life when you can be free of body hairs within a year. I’m an expert in my profession and have a talent for detail and precision. I’m very passionate in what I do, because I once struggled with body hair issues myself. I understand the discomfort of body hairs, so I will help you achieve a smooth hairless body.

I love my career and it excites me to see the transformation of a hairy body to a hairless body. My mission is to take care of you and zap away your hairs FOREVER. I can’t wait to meet you and began your journey in helping you save time and money for your future.


Laser hair removal

Cancellation policy:

Clients must call to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel in less than 24 hours there will be a 35% fee. If you do not call to cancel and do not show up you will be charged 100% at your next appointment.